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Super Energise Your Body With This Acupressure Point

Posted on January 22, 2019 at 8:28 PM
Super-Energise your body with this acupressure point
by Alan Levi
Do not utilise this point if you are (or suspect you are) pregnant. In China this point is often used for inducing labour.
In this article I am going to introduce you to an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that could revolutionize your life and increase your well-being a hundred fold. It is the fundamental acupressure point – HE GU (the Valley of Harmony). This point is one of the key acupressure points to be taught in a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) class, but is remarkably easy to locate correctly – and by the time you finish reading this article you will be able to confidently find and massage this point effectively yourself .
How do acupressure points work?
Well, the body can be likened to a motorway operating under optimal circumstances – traffic moving smoothly from point A to B, no delays, disruptions or jams (yeah, that will be the day!).
 However, in the event that there is a jam or accident the traffic begins to back up – an energy blockage or stagnation occurs. Now, according to the Mother and Son principal of Chinese medicine, this may not manifest itself at the immediate point, but show itself in some other (apparently) unrelated dysfunction. Thus eczema, considered by Western medicine to be a skin disorder is in fact considered a lung dysfunction by Eastern Medicine (as the skin is the 3rd lung).Have you ever wondered why most of the people you know with eczema have asthma or hayfever?
Western Medicine would approach this situation by putting up a contra-flow, redirecting the traffic,opening up another lane or closing a junction. The effect – the initial problem remains but the traffic starts to flow again. However a Chinese medical approach would seek to rectify the root cause and address this. The balance of energy in the body is thus realised.
 Acupressure stimulates the junction points in the body to increase energy along themeridians (motorway lanes) of your body, thus preventing stagnation andovercoming blockages.
So, now we have a general overview ofhow acupressure, and by extension chi gung and T’ai Chi work, we can apply these principals  we can stimulate the meridians by gentle accupressure on the meridian points.
Where is the He Gupoint and how do I massage it?
The He Gu(pronounced “Huh Goo”) is locatedon the dorsum of the hand,approximately at the midpoint of the second metacarpal bone, in the belly ofthe first interosseus dorsalis muscle. Too complicated? Let me break it down…
 Place the crease that marks the joint of your left thumb against the webbed area between you rindex finger and the base of your thumb of your right hand (so as if you were making an ‘L’ shape with your right hand -fingers pointing up, thumb pointing to the side). Find a point midway and press the crease of the left thumb joint into it. Now, without moving up or down, roll your thumb till it is resting on its tip.
You’ve found HeGu. Placing gentle pressure on that exact point you should feel a sore or‘bruised’ sensation, Apply pressure for 1 second, release for 1 second, applypressure for 1 second, release for 1 second. Do this 20 times on both hands.

So, what does this point do?
 Well the He Gu corresponds with Large Intestine 4 – it sends energy coursing up the channels into the head, stimulates the brain, alleviates headache and toothache (and is actually very good for soothing a hangover!).

It also alleviates abdominal pain, amenorrhea, arm pain, constipation, eye disorders,intestinal disorders, and throat soreness.

So, what are you waiting for - get pressing today, twice a day (morning and evening, though not just before bed) and within a week you will notice a difference.

Future articles will focus on other acupressure points and chi gung (Qi Gong)exercises that you can easily incorporate into your life.
 If you want more detail on this or other acupressure points why not contact me to arrange a session?
Get Stronger Live Longer !

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