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What Is Meta-Medicine?

Posted on November 14, 2014 at 11:18 AM
I am proud to announce that I have begun a new process in my Personal Training developement - Meta Medicine. Under the tutelage of Master Coach, Sam Thorpe, this promises to be a new paradigm in assessing and diagnosing client illnesses and injuries. Called Meta-Medicine, it is an integrative approach to the Spiritual, Environmental, Diet, Physical, Psychological and Emotional realms.

Here is a thought - if you became ill, and the situation persisted, what if...your body DIDN'T make a mistake....

1. Symptoms are Meaningful

Symptoms are seen as part of a natural process which is an intelligent adaptive response to a perceived threat to life

2. There is a Synchronous Unity of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Social Experience

The perceptions of the social environments and situations (such as work, family life, school, etc) are constantly having an impact on your physical body and brain. When there is a change on any level (body, mind (psyche), environment, spiritual) it instantly alters the state of the other levels.

3. Traumatic Life Events as Triggers

Significant emotional events and experiences (otherwise known as biological shocks) are the beginning, and causal to, dis-ease processes.

4. Brain as an over-determined relay system

The brain is the central interface and biological computer relay system of our entire organism where thoughts and perceptions meet physiology. Through its connection to the unconscious mind, the brain determines the way specific stressful life events impact the physiology and psychology.

5. Disease is a process

Disease is a journey with specific points and phases where biologically meaningful reactions take place. Symptoms can be mapped out, predicted and reversed through intervention.

6. Meaningful Symptoms

All psychological and physiological symptoms, whether that be behaviour or illness, have a deeper meaning hidden inside that, when identified, guide the healing journey.

7. Evolution

There is a specific evolutionary development of organs and their reactions to specific life stressors.

8. Microbes

Viruses, bacteria and fungus are involved in an intelligent healing response and are actually biologically helpful in trying to keep the body in, or bring it back to, homoeostasis.

9. Self-healing Abilities

Using an integrative approach to health using analysis, transformative approaches, coaching, therapies, nutrition and movement, human beings have an innate self-healing ability.

10. Spiritual: Body, Mind, Social Health

When you take full responsibility, and grow in your knowledge, you make conscious decisions to achieve complete holistic health and well-being or as we call it – META-Health.

Categories: Lifestyle and Wellness

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