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FREE Geoff Thompson e-book

Posted on April 16, 2013 at 5:56 AM
TheFormula.pdf (PDF — 173 KB)
One of the greatest individuals that I have had the pleasure of personally meeting on a number of occasions is Geoff Thompson.
A fearsome martial artist with a remarkable life story, what makes him such a compelling and charismatic person is that he is a fine example that we can create our own lives in the image that we choose.
His is a story of abuse, violence, divorce, fear and yet this tough and unrelenting journey has forged a man who is gentle, kind, compassionate, considerate and who is living a life that most people from his background would have deemed "impossible".
A BAFTA award winning film maker and author of much repute I can highly recommend everything he has ever written, the overwhelming message behind all of his writings is that you are the captain of your fate, and that fear truly is the friend of exceptional people.
An example of this act of generosity is demonstrated here - an email I received from him with a book I read years ago, "The Formula". It changed my life, now I hope it changes yours.

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