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What is a SuperGreen?

Posted on April 13, 2013 at 11:34 AM
If you are rubbish at getting your vegetables in, my first recommendation is to purchase SUPERGREENS. These are a marvellous shortcut and actually nutritionally superior to a scraggly bag of wilted lettuce.
So what are they? Supergreens have been around for years, they are produced by various companies and usually consist of chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, and spirulina. They come in powdered form and are easily mixed with water. The taste may take a bit of getting used to and the resemblance to something Yoda would drink is inescapable, but in terms of a nutrient dense package this takes some beating, and can make up the backbone to some truly Super Smoothie's...
Not only are SuperGreens a very effective, portable and cost efficient method of ramping up your veg intake but they also contain:
Wheatgrass: this cleanses the lymph and it is believed that as little as one ounce is the equivalent of 2 pounds of vegetables
Chlorella:This is reputed to be a great heavy metal detoxifier that binds with pesticides and carcinogens and carries them out of the body safely. It is actually quite rich in essential fatty acids AND 20% of them are the highly important omega 3's
Spirulina: Anti-oxidant and anti carcinogenic and a great source of complex sugars, protein and amino acids this is a highly digestible form of microalgae
Barley Grass: "his improves stamina, sexual energy clarity of thought  and reduces addictions to things that are bad for you" according to Dr Howard Lutz , director of the Institute of Preventative Medicine in Washington D.C
Another great blood purifier, helps activate enzymes, is anti-inflamatory and nutrient dense. Helping to alkalize the blood and cleanse the blood of yeasts and fungi, what more could you ask for in a nutrient.
If you are interested in getting this excellent and highly digestible vegetable source then you can purchase it from my online store at the fantastic price of £18!

Categories: Nutrition, Supplements

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