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Smart Training For The Mature Woman

Posted on November 24, 2011 at 7:26 AM
Smart training for the mature woman
By Alan Levi
If you have the misfortune of picking up a Women’s magazine and perusing the health and fitness section, it will come as no surprise that you will put it down more confused than when started.
What is the best diet for weight loss? High carb/low fat? Low fat/high protein? Loads of fat and don’t eat anything else? Never touch avocadoes on a Wednesday?  Aahh...I give up...pass me the Industrial Size tub of Ben and Jerry’s...
The mythology and blatantly daft suggestions are rampant - cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner anyone? You may lose weight but you will probably lose your partner in the bargain or at the very least punch another hole in the ozone layer!.
I am pleased to tell you it is a LOT easier than you ever thought...
First off, some common sense...we got here by eating natural foods. So let’s start there. Sell by date of 2014, put it back on the shelf. Pasta, bread, rice and potatoes? Cavewomen didn’t die off due to lack of tagliatelle!
Simple rule is this – don’t eat it unless you can kill it with a spear (irritating husband aside).
If it’s a green leafy vegetable, great, eat as much as you want. Moderate your fruit intake (it is sugar wrapped in fibre after all).
Nuts? Great, but just a handful.
Give this 14 days (or if you can’t go cold turkey that long, 6 days) then have a blow out, and eat whatever you fancy.
Check your measurements. Yup, you have lost fat around the hips! How do I know? These are the receptor sites for insulin intake. 
The reason that I have so much success with my female clients is that my initial consultation for any woman ends with “Go home, eat some dark chocolate and have a large glass of wine”. That is an essential component of their fitness plan and I insist that they stick to it, rigorously.
Yes these two health items are key components in any woman’s training arsenal (especially if you are menopausal). Why? Because the dark chocolate (over 70%) is very rich in  polyphenols and good for uterine health, whilst the resveratrol in wine supports cardiovascular health and is a great antioxidant (a free radical scavenger, that in true PacMan style, gobbles up the cancer causing loose cannons that careen around the body causing all sorts of harm).
Next, let’s address training.
First let me make this crystal clear – this is essential,  DO LESS CARDIO !
If you are on the cross trainer, treadmill, stepper or rower for more than 20 minutes you are doing yourself more harm than good. Unless you like driving your stress hormone through the roof and adding a nice little pouch around your stomach, this is one of the first things that needs to go. Have a chat with me if you want some suggestions for a more productive use of your time.
Secondly, more resistance training.
 Think of this as money in the bank for warding off osteopenia and osteoporosis when menopause reduces your estrogen levels (of which the good estrogens are so important for bone health).
The style and type of training that I recommend is the subject of another article – however I have been fortunate enough to attend a Private Internship with the most successful Olympic Coach of all time – Charles Poliquin. The methods he utilises to drop body fat rapidly and safely will blow you away.
Finally – a good night’s rest. If you are waking up at any time during the night than you have a problem. This includes getting up to go to the loo. You should put your head down on the pillow and only wake when it is time to get up.
If you are waking up during the night, make a note of the time and speak to me about it. The short version is that your internal organs aren’t functioning optimally. The time you wake up according to Traditional Chinese Medicine corresponds to an organ.
If it is between 1am-3pm: The Liver meridian
If it is between 3pm-5pm: The Lung meridian (this corresponds in Western medicine to oxidative stress – in other words you need to eat more blueberries!)
If it is between 5pm-7pm: The large intestine
It always makes me laugh when people say “you don’t need supplements if you have a healthy diet” - if you want to have a healing effect on the body with nutrients you need to supplement your diet. How do I know this works? Because I have a client who was a former serious insomniac (try not sleeping at all for 6 weeks!). He now regularly gets his 8 hours, no problem at all. The added bonus was he got the 6-pack he wanted and dropped a ton of body fat because his hormonal system was repaired. Do the same people who scoff at supplementation believe you could get that effect by eating more spinach?
Supplementation is not a magic pill but it will nutritionally support your goals and I am prepared to guarantee the results.
Finally, – exercise should be FUN. Make it competitive, make it conscious, make small changes, and make it a game. Meanwhile, Get Stronger and Live Longer.
See me if you fancy a chat or book in with reception for a free initial consultation.
Alan Levi writes for one of the largest female training websites in the world – where he has been a regular contributor on matters ranging from supplementation to rapid fat loss
Alan is an Internationally Certified Biosignature Modulation Practitioner and is one of the few Level 2 Certified Practitioners in the Country
He has attended a Private Internship at the prestigious Poliquin Institute in Rhodes Island where he learned the secrets of Charles Poliquin’s remarkable success with fat loss clients and the scientific ways in which to break fat loss barriers.
He is has trained in Chinese Martial Arts for over 22 years and is a 1 Degree Black Sash in Chin Woo Kung Fu as well as a qualified Tai Chi instructor.
Alan’s philosophy is simple – Get stronger, Live longer
Mobile: 07970 383 606

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