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The Total Tools For Fat Loss

Posted on November 21, 2011 at 5:57 PM
The Tools for Total Fat Loss
by Alan Levi

So you train hard, watch what you eat, and do countless spin classes every week, and you still have that irritating layer of fat on your hips, thighs, belly, and bum. What gives?
If this is your predicament, then you might be interested in a new hormonal diagnosis called BioSignature Modulation, which shows that where you store fat is a direct reflection of your hormonal situation.
If you doubt the power of hormones, witness the power of anabolic steroids in the hands of athletes, particularly bodybuilders. They can turn men into Supermen, and women into, well, men.
The power of hormones has long been a subject of debate, but ask any woman how she feels during her period. Likely, she'll cite bloating, sudden weight gain and mood swings as ample evidence of the powerful effect that hormonal fluxes exert on her.
Now, however, thanks to BioSignature Modulation, we can target our problem areas, and reverse the damage that hormones have done to our dreams of svelteness.
This system was developed by Charles Poliquin, one of the world's top strength coaches, over the last 20 years. He analyzed the blood, saliva and urine of a multitude of elite athletes, and gradually drew some incredible conclusions. Fat storage sites, it seems, are a direct reflection of any imbalances present in that athlete's hormonal system.
Fat around the hips? You probably have problems with insulin levels in your body. Insulin ushers glycogen to working muscles, but once those muscles are full, just like bouncers at a crowded party, they turn away the late-coming guests. Where does that glycogen go where it always get a warm welcome? You guessed it, in subcutaneous adipose tissue, also known as fat!).
Your subscapular site is a marker of your genetic tolerance to carbohydrate, your suprailiac is the marker of your current carb intake, and if you're ripped around the torso but still have a big butt, it's probably deficiency of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).
Tubby tummy blues? If you're storing it around the umbilicus, this is probably a sign that your stress hormones are too high: too much circulating cortisol is interfering with your weight loss wishes.
At this stage, it may shock you to know that cardio is probably the last thing you should be doing. Why? Because cardio is stressful, and can put you even deeper into a catabolic state. More stress equals more cortisol, which in turn equals more fat reluctant to leave.
But the beauty of this system isn't just as a diagnostic tool, it also means we can do something about these problems. Cortisol levels can be adjusted by specific supplementation (and not just taking your chances by loading up the basket at the local nutrition store).
Thus, Chinese traditional medicine comes into play with the prescription of yin tonics, designed to balance the hormonal system by calming the system down. Thus, adaptogens such as ginseng or cordyceps may be introduced to alleviate these stress levels.
You may not have heard of BioSignature yet, but I guarantee that you will. Next year Coach Poliquin will take BioSignature before thousands of US doctors, as this unique diagnostic tool can be used as an accurate predictor of breast and prostate cancer.
Think about it: BioSignature can be used to diagnose these two killer diseases long before any symptoms appear. In other words, this system has the potential not only to help you shed fat, it could also save your life.

The Magnificent Seven
Of course, if you can't find a BioSignature Assessor near you, you can still use my seven step guide to changing your lifestyle. Then, over the next few weeks and you'll drop pounds and gain muscle. You can thank me later.
• Eat like a cavewoman. Meat for breakfast, green vegetables and no junk carbs till you hit 9.9% bodyfat. This isn't Atkins, this is getting your carbs through vegetable and fruit sources. To paraphrase Coach Poliquin, If it's not green, or if you can't kill it with a spear, then don't eat it.
Make sure you get your nuts in the morning. Think PAW (Pecans/Almonds/Walnuts) for your choices, as recommended by nutrition expert Jonny Bowden. Walnuts in particular have a great omega-3 to 6 ratio. Read The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain for the goods on mouthwatering meals for the carb-concious.
The definitive diet book for the modern stone age figure athlete.
• Get to bed by 10:30 P.M. Olesya Novik is dead on the money in her sleep article: get your circadian rhythms right, and your cortisol levels should fall into line as well. If you're waking at a regular time every night, this corresponds to an organ dysfunction. More on this in a later article.
• Watercress and spinach. Watercress in particular wins the gold medal for estrogen clearance, and those nasty xenoestrogens are to blame for a litany of problems, from PMS to breast cancer.
Watercress is the green avenger in the fight against xenoestrogens.
• Fish oil, and plenty of it. Get a good pharmaceutical grade fish oil like Flameout. In addition to DHA and EPA, Flameout also contains CLA, a fatty acid notoriously poor in the American and European diet, which helps burn body fat. Take between 15-25g a day with a digestive enzyme.
A rich source of CLA, which helps burn body fat.
• Digestive Enzymes. It's kind of a waste to eat a 12-ounce steak if you can't metabolize it. The majority of people in the United States don't produce anywhere near enough hydrochloric acid (HCL) in their stomachs to metabolize food, so you can take the best supplementation in the world but its not doing you any good if you can't use the damn stuff.
What's the point of eating it if you can't digest it?
• Super-charge your metabolism and boost your growth hormone by increasing exercise density. Incrementally decrease the length of your rest periods between sets on a week to week basis (i.e. from 75 seconds down to 45 seconds). Increase the number of sets on a week to week basis and you'll grow, get stronger and leaner. A repetition range of 8-12 that induces lactic acid is your best bet to strip fat off your body at a rapid rate.
• Further boost your metabolism by doing intervals in your cardio routine. A good starting point is 2 minutes at a moderate/low level, 40 seconds flat out. Repeat 6 times. Feel free to curse my name. Two weeks from now, do this 7 times. Two weeks from then, 8 times. Then you'll really start to hate me.
Summing up, where you store fat isn't your fault; it's the product of hormonal imbalances channeling fat storage to specific areas. But now you can do something about it. Your health will flourish, your waistline will diminish, and you'll more easily accomplish your goals. Get ready to turn some heads.

About the Author
Y.M.C.A Advanced Personal Trainer Award (Reps Level 3)
Poliquin Performance (BioSignature Modulation Level 1 and 2)
Poliquin Performance Body Composition Internship
Premier Resisted Movement Training: Functional Training
1st Degree Black Sash in Chinese Kung Fu and Qi Gong
Core training
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